Slot Machine Myths

Slot Machine Myths

Just like everything else, there are bound to be myths involving all kinds of gambling. Some of the most commonly known myths are regarding slot machines. If you hear about slot machines being programmed to pay out more than their designated amount, it’s just plain nonsense. In reality, all that can happen with any slot machine is that the payout percentage may vary from casino to casino.

Even online slot machines don’t come close to being fair in the long run. Though no mechanism is set that determines where the reels will stop, because of the way in which the computer is programmed, there is no way to determine if the machine is being manipulated in some way. If one were to assume that machine owners would not try to program their machines, and that the whiz kids from MIT that discovered the secrets of online slots are sitting around waiting for their next big score, one might be wrong. It’s not like they are just sitting around waiting for someone to bust out.

One of the worst myths that can be promoted from the people that sell these kinds of things is the idea that you can beat online slot machines. The truth is that there is no way to beat online slot machines, as far as the “payout percentages” go. These myths are not just limited to online slots. They are the same myths that many people breathlessly tell dealers that new rounds are “so close” or that the jackpot is going to be big. Neither is the truth, but that’s what gaming agents want you to believe.

The truth is that both the maximum and the minimum bets in any live casino game are set by the casino manager and the staff. The only thing that can change the maximum and minimum is to have a new dealer, a new machine, or move a specific game out of a specific slot.

The popular belief is that you can beat online slot machines by playing “Vegas88” slots. What this means is that you can play longer games, or larger amounts of money, yet still be successful. This is completely untrue.

Playing longer games, like 7 or 9 deck games, and playing higher amounts of money also means you are going to be spending more per hour. This is because the maximum bet in these games is a multiple of the maximum pay out, not the maximum bet, so it is easier to hit the maximum bet.

You can also beat online slot machines by knowing when to hit and when to stand. Don’t ever get stuck in a endless cycle of hitting and missing. If something isn’t working, most likely it’s not because you are playing online slot machines too much.

The last common tip and something that most of the players overlook is to always read a review before you decide to sign up to an online slot machine. Not all online slot machines give you the same odds or even better odds, so if you want to be sure, read the online reviews.

If you want to save yourself from all the work and faster more rewarding experience, select a game that offers the best odds and a player friendly atmosphere. Also, use the tips given in this article and some of the other slot machine tips given out on the internet and be sure that you don’t lose all your money to these machines!